Why is it so hard to be honest about what we are going through in our lives? For the most part, people do as much as they can…to hide the truth. Society causes us to attempt to put on our masks each day. We may be asked several times throughout the day, “how are … Continue reading Light


Simplifying life. Doesn’t that sound wonderful? Remember the days when life was less ‘filled’? My 11 year old daughter made this statement the other day. “I kind of wish life was more like it was back in the ‘Andy Griffith’ days – the 1960’s. Things were much simpler then. There wasn’t so much pressure and … Continue reading Example

Be a witness.

Are you willing to be honest and open, exposing your life experiences, so that you may be a witness to someone else? Are you ready to admit your weaknesses and share your past mistakes? Opening yourself up to vulnerability is not easy. Most of the time we all wear our shields and masks on a … Continue reading Be a witness.

God works through you.

  Have you ever said or done something…and then look back later, wondering how in the world you said or did that? Whatever you said or did was not something you normally do. In fact, you wonder where the thought or action came from? These are the times when we recognize that God works through … Continue reading God works through you.