Journey to Change

Life is not easy. Sometimes it makes no sense, and we find ourselves facing difficulties that force us to walk a different path. Whatever you have gone through has required change. You have been molded, guided, and shifted in some way, to become who you are today. As we reflect back on those changes, recognize … Continue reading Journey to Change

Hope for tomorrow.

Some days feel empty, lost and alone. It may not be a particular situation or difficulty that is causing these emotions, but they are real and we all have them. Often times we are told that focusing on our emotions and feelings is not healthy. But to ignore the true feelings that we have, would … Continue reading Hope for tomorrow.


Change is hard. Change makes us uncomfortable. Change means we must become accustomed to a new routine. It can take a while to adjust to the change that is happening in your life. This prolonged time of transition can cause doubt, anxiety, and sometimes sadness. Even if you have been excited about the changes that … Continue reading Change