Where would we be without God? Have you ever been so lost, so overwhelmed, or faced with something so extremely painful…that you turned away from God? You blame God for what has happened and grit your teeth every time His name is mentioned. As flesh on this earth, we deal with human earthly emotions. We … Continue reading Lost?


Forgive. Holding on to resentments, pain, anger, and bitterness is one of the most damaging things you can do. Not only will you feel the results of the festering going on within you…on a physical basis, but it will pour out in your attitude as well. What you harbor in your heart will come out … Continue reading Forgive

You are loved.

There is absolutely nothing on this earth that can take away the love that God has for us. We are so blessed to be loved…unconditionally…and freely given. So often we lose touch with the reality that we could be loved in such a way. Many of us have never really grabbed hold of that concept…that … Continue reading You are loved.

God is your loving parent.

Every. Single. Day. We have been given the opportunity to seek God in prayer; every single day. Why is that so hard for some people? Why do we tend to think that some of the issues we are facing are not important enough to seek God for help? Why do so many people think of … Continue reading God is your loving parent.

Love unconditionally.

Sometimes it is hard to watch others struggle in their daily walk. As believers, we desire for others to have the same relationship with Jesus as we have grown to know. We pray that the peace, love, and fulfillment that we now have, will be shared, and those that we know…will begin to have that … Continue reading Love unconditionally.