Less of me.

Can I have my cake and eat yours too? Can I do as I please, and always get my way? Can I be who I want to be, and then be who others want me to be too? Can I be in control, have self-will, make all my own decisions, and manipulate life until I … Continue reading Less of me.


  Why is it so hard to be honest about what we are going through in our lives? For the most part, people do as much as they can…to hide the truth. Society causes us to attempt to put on our masks each day. We may be asked several times throughout the day, “how are … Continue reading Light

Never alone.

Every day each one of us struggle with something. Whether it be job schedules, weight issues, depression, relationships, addiction, financial problems, a loss of a loved one…anything…it is a struggle to face the reality of life sometimes. God did not design us to live life alone. So, why do we feel so alone in our … Continue reading Never alone.

Your story matters.

Do not be afraid to speak up. Do you realize how much value is held in your experiences? There is someone out there who is struggling in their life. They feel isolated and many times they feel like they are the only one experiencing the difficulty they are going through. God has brought each one … Continue reading Your story matters.


How often do you celebrate? Do you wait for specific holidays or select anniversaries to celebrate the blessings in your life? Why do we ignore some of the most important things we should be celebrating? Most of us have had victory after victory in our daily lives. These are personal victories; things we have overcome, … Continue reading Celebrate!