Growth and development occur on two levels. We have voluntary growth through the willingness to better ourselves in education, health, jobs, faith, etc. Then, there is involuntary growth…the growth that comes from being forced into handling adversity or situations in life. At the time of the difficulties, it is hard to view anything … Continue reading Growth


  Why is it so hard to be honest about what we are going through in our lives? For the most part, people do as much as they can…to hide the truth. Society causes us to attempt to put on our masks each day. We may be asked several times throughout the day, “how are … Continue reading Light

Look for the joy.

There is joy in everything. Even when we feel like there is nothing but heartache engulfing us…there is joy if you look for it. Our perspective and the way we gear our minds as we press through life…can help our emotional response. We will face things that seem unbearable and impossible to press through. If … Continue reading Look for the joy.


  Today I am sharing an excerpt from my book, HOPE IN THE STRUGGLE.  I pray that this will nourish your spirit and encourage you through your day. My book and my daily writings are simply God using me to share the hope we have in His promises. If you know someone who needs encouragement, … Continue reading Struggle