Contentment. We have heard this word many times in our lives, but how often do we really comprehend the meaning? How content are you in your life? Think about how you perceive your daily routine. Do you wake up each morning thankful? Or, do you immediately begin grumbling within…about the job you have to get … Continue reading Contentment

You are worthy, valuable…forgiven.

Many times we get caught up in guilt and remorse from our past…and we let it sit on our shoulders. We may not even realize how much we are burdened down from our past…or how much we have let it identify our decisions…or our future. Everyone has done things in the past that they regret. … Continue reading You are worthy, valuable…forgiven.

Oh Father, how long?

Dig Deep. Trust you. Wait. Be still. Oh Father, how long? My flesh is weak. My Spirit is yearning to hear from you. I am under attack and I feel as if I’m failing you. I can’t find the words to pray anymore, because I feel so alone. Does this sound familiar? Many times this … Continue reading Oh Father, how long?

Does anyone understand?

Are you at a point in your life that you feel isolated and alone? Do you feel like no one understands…or cares? Do you sense yourself becoming somewhat resentful or bitter because your emotions are raging out of control? All of us have been there. Whether you are going through the fire right now…or have … Continue reading Does anyone understand?

Building each other up.

In a world of increasing turbulence, it can be difficult to stay positive. We are surrounded by social media, which has become the new form of communication. Texting, email, twitter, and Face book have become normal uses of information between people. The personal, one-on-one interaction with people has become limited. This has created a void … Continue reading Building each other up.

Commit to seeking God’s Word.

We have been given the Word of God; The Holy Bible…that has answers to all the questions we will ever face. When we read it, we must open up our spirit and allow ourselves to receive the message within. This takes time and effort on our part. So often we neglect simply reading and learning … Continue reading Commit to seeking God’s Word.