What does it mean to you, to be content? Most of us answer that question by saying that we will be content when we can achieve peace. Why is it hard to have peace? Is it because we are never satisfied? What are we searching for? So often we maintain life in a somewhat “restless” … Continue reading Content


Oh, how this world hurts. There is pain and heartache everywhere. The media highlights all the tragic, horrific, astounding, and mind-boggling negative things…happening all around us. We are bombarded with all the sin that surrounds us. We can look out at the crowd and see the sadness and hurt in other people’s eyes. The reality … Continue reading Freedom

What makes them so happy?

Do you ever look at other people and think “what makes them so happy?”. Do you ever feel so discouraged that you feel as if you just want to give up? Maybe you aren’t recognized for the job that you work so hard to perform…or maybe you feel as if your hard work and effort … Continue reading What makes them so happy?


A grateful heart is a careful heart. Be careful that you do not grumble unnecessarily. Take notice of your actions…making sure they are sensitive to other’s around you. Recognize that everyone is different…and we all give and receive in different ways…and not everyone is on the same spiritual level as you are. In fact, sometimes … Continue reading Grateful

Help one another.

As I sit at my computer, I can’t stop thinking of how often we simply take life for granted. We are all guilty of just moving through our day without noticing the gifts we are blessed with on a daily basis. Please recognize just how blessed you are to be able to be reading this … Continue reading Help one another.

Emotional Pain

No one wants to talk about pain. I’m not talking about physical pain…I’m talking about emotional pain. Emotional pain is hard to face. It’s the kind of pain that we bury deep down in our gut…and try to ignore. It has to do with years of trying to pretend that those deep hurts are gone, […]