Why is it so hard to be honest about what we are going through in our lives? For the most part, people do as much as they can…to hide the truth. Society causes us to attempt to put on our masks each day. We may be asked several times throughout the day, “how are … Continue reading Light


It only takes one person to make a difference. You may not recognize how valuable you are, but you hold an enormous amount of value. You have an influence on someone…even if you think you are totally alone. So, as you recognize your worth and begin to understand how special you are…your light will begin … Continue reading Shine

Shine brightly.

What you do speaks much louder than what you say. So often people will speak about their life…their faith…their commitments…but how many people truly do their best to apply what they say? A non-Christian may argue that Christians can be hypocrites…that what they see Christians do…is not what they say they are. None of us … Continue reading Shine brightly.

Let your light shine.

Have you ever used the excuse that you do not know everything about God yourself…so how can you talk to others about God? Most of us, whether you have been studying the Word for years, or new to your faith…have an uncertainty about how much we can speak about God to others. It is a … Continue reading Let your light shine.