Held in the heart.

What do you have held deep within your heart? Have you made a point to focus on building a positive, kind, loving, and helpful spirit? This world is challenging…and we are faced with difficulties that can stir up many emotions. It is normal to have feelings about certain things that we face. The important thing … Continue reading Held in the heart.

You can.

Have you been praying about something and it just seems like nothing is happening? Sometimes it might even seem like things have gotten more difficult instead of better? What is the specific details of your prayer? Think about what you are asking for. So often we get caught up in asking God for something…and expecting … Continue reading You can.


Some days life can be so exhausting. We may look around and think “how did things get so out of hand?” We are overwhelmed with the responsibilities that we have piled up on our self…and we don’t know how to fix it. It may simply be that your life has made a turn in the … Continue reading Exhausted?

Building each other up.

In a world of increasing turbulence, it can be difficult to stay positive. We are surrounded by social media, which has become the new form of communication. Texting, email, twitter, and Face book have become normal uses of information between people. The personal, one-on-one interaction with people has become limited. This has created a void … Continue reading Building each other up.

You make a difference.

Pay attention to any opportunity that God may allow you to be an encourager to others. A few simple words…a few moments to listen…or a helping hand….can make all the difference to someone. No matter who you are or what you do, you make a significant difference in someone else’s life. Most of us don’t … Continue reading You make a difference.

The future journey…

As we reflect back on our own past…one important thing to remember…is how far we have come. Whether you are where you desire to be, or even if you feel you have taken a step back…you have made a journey. Within each journey is a lesson, and that lesson has made a difference in your … Continue reading The future journey…