Seek & Pray

        Life consists of constant decisions to be made. Every day we must decide something…from as basic as what we will eat for lunch…all the way up to major life changing decisions. How do you base your decision making process? Do you mostly turn to other people for help? Do you tend … Continue reading Seek & Pray

God is with us.

“Will things ever get better? All I want is some calm and peace in my life.” Does this sound familiar? Life can be so difficult. There is no easy road, or detour through some of the challenges we must face. We often wonder what we did to deserve the things happening to us. Are we … Continue reading God is with us.

The Bible.

There is such power in the Word of God. We have all the wisdom we will ever need…to face anything that this world throws at us. As we hold our Bible in our hand…recognize just how amazing it is. God gave us His Words…as a guide to live by. Unfortunately, the truth is, most people … Continue reading The Bible.

God is your loving parent.

Every. Single. Day. We have been given the opportunity to seek God in prayer; every single day. Why is that so hard for some people? Why do we tend to think that some of the issues we are facing are not important enough to seek God for help? Why do so many people think of … Continue reading God is your loving parent.

Light of Hope

Press on. Don’t give up. There is a light of hope ahead. We all have times in our lives when it seems like things are impossible. Sometimes we simply cannot see how the future will get better…and we are stuck in the pain of right now. When we find ourselves in the midst of these … Continue reading Light of Hope

What happens?

The holidays are filled with all kinds of reasons to be grateful, thankful, and rejoice at the season. If it weren’t for the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, we would not have the opportunity to have forgiveness, unconditional love, and eternal life. This is the greatest gift we have ever, and will … Continue reading What happens?