Look at how amazing YOU are!

Take a few moments to look in the mirror today. Spend some quiet time reflecting on what you see today. Do not look at the physical reflection…look deep into your own eyes…and notice how amazing you are. So often we get caught up in the daily rush…only looking at ourselves to see the physical reflection … Continue reading Look at how amazing YOU are!


    Growth and development occur on two levels. We have voluntary growth through the willingness to better ourselves in education, health, jobs, faith, etc. Then, there is involuntary growth…the growth that comes from being forced into handling adversity or situations in life. At the time of the difficulties, it is hard to view anything … Continue reading Growth

Daily Intentions

I wake up every day with great intentions. I am a list maker. I must be very organized and scheduled in order to fit all my responsibilities into my days. Every day, I do my best to accomplish my goals. Every day I stumble; I fall; I falter; I am weak. I am human. We are all human. We wake … Continue reading Daily Intentions

Sharing Our Faith

How do we talk to others about God? How do we effectively share our faith, and encourage other people to draw nearer to God? There is a balance and an effectiveness that is very important. Many of us have experienced someone in our lives, that has made us feel uncomfortable when they spoke about what … Continue reading Sharing Our Faith

What in the world?

“What in the world?!” How many times have we heard this quote in our lifetime? It is a quote that expresses our reaction to a shock about something. Most of the time we don’t take it literally…we are simply voicing our emotions out loud. Each day we are faced with continuous ‘busy-ness’…and we balance and … Continue reading What in the world?