You are so important.

Do you ever feel like you would like to do something to make a difference in this world? Does your life feel mundane or somewhat without purpose? You may be so busy there is no possible time to fit anything extra in your schedule…yet you yearn to feel a sense of significance. This life you … Continue reading You are so important.

Your story matters.

Do not be afraid to speak up. Do you realize how much value is held in your experiences? There is someone out there who is struggling in their life. They feel isolated and many times they feel like they are the only one experiencing the difficulty they are going through. God has brought each one … Continue reading Your story matters.

Pray for one another.

How many times have you been in a place in life, where all you knew to do was pray? There are situations that we face, where there are no clear answers, and your future is uncertain. Faith is the only way to make it through these times. Prayer is the key to facing the unknown … Continue reading Pray for one another.