Overcoming Sadness

What does it mean to be sad? Does it mean we are weak? No. Does it mean our faith is not where it should be? No. Sadness is a human emotion that we all face at some point in our life. It is an emptiness that we need filled. Often times when we face times … Continue reading Overcoming Sadness

Time to ask.

How much of our lives do we attempt to control or change on our own? Why do we think we have the power to do it all by ourselves? God is our creator. God is the “I am”.  God gave us Jesus Christ as a direct link to Him. Jesus is our mediator, who opens … Continue reading Time to ask.

The Bible.

There is such power in the Word of God. We have all the wisdom we will ever need…to face anything that this world throws at us. As we hold our Bible in our hand…recognize just how amazing it is. God gave us His Words…as a guide to live by. Unfortunately, the truth is, most people … Continue reading The Bible.


Life is a battleground. We face challenges and struggles every single day. Sometimes the struggles are small, and sometimes it seems like we are facing huge mountains of issues. Keep in mind that you have the power to overcome anything and everything that you face. Our battle is not really what we physically see. Our … Continue reading Battleground

No doubt.

Have you ever prayed to God…asking for His help or for an answer…but within minutes of your prayer…you have subconsciously doubted that what you just asked for could possibly come true? Most of us do this constantly, without even thinking about it. God’s Word says we must believe and not doubt. This is God’s command … Continue reading No doubt.