Contentment. We have heard this word many times in our lives, but how often do we really comprehend the meaning? How content are you in your life? Think about how you perceive your daily routine. Do you wake up each morning thankful? Or, do you immediately begin grumbling within…about the job you have to get … Continue reading Contentment

God speaks.

So often we get frustrated with life, and begin to ask God why He isn’t speaking to us. We hear other people talking about how God directed them…or spoke to them…and we wonder why that never seems to happen to us? The truth is…God is constantly directing us. He is communicating with us on a … Continue reading God speaks.

You are worthy, valuable…forgiven.

Many times we get caught up in guilt and remorse from our past…and we let it sit on our shoulders. We may not even realize how much we are burdened down from our past…or how much we have let it identify our decisions…or our future. Everyone has done things in the past that they regret. … Continue reading You are worthy, valuable…forgiven.

Purposeful recognition.

  Beauty surrounds us in every way. Often times we don’t recognize how amazing and abundant our blessings are. We take things for granted, ignoring what is right in front of us. We forget how to see the beauty and the blessings, because we focus too much on the negatives. We wake up with our … Continue reading Purposeful recognition.

Oh Father, how long?

Dig Deep. Trust you. Wait. Be still. Oh Father, how long? My flesh is weak. My Spirit is yearning to hear from you. I am under attack and I feel as if I’m failing you. I can’t find the words to pray anymore, because I feel so alone. Does this sound familiar? Many times this … Continue reading Oh Father, how long?


Every one of us has some sort of struggle in our walk. None of us are without sin. Sometimes people try to pretend like they have no sin in their life…but we are human…and we absolutely cannot be perfect. The only perfect one is Jesus. We must be careful not to think too highly of … Continue reading Forgiven.