Could’ve, should’ve, what if?

Could have, should have, what if? What if I had done things differently? We could all spend a lifetime looking backward asking the ‘what if’ question. This is human nature, and something we all tend to do. Unfortunately, most of the time we are asking those ‘what if’ questions…we are thinking of the mistakes we … Continue reading Could’ve, should’ve, what if?

Today is a gift.

Every day is an opportunity to grow. Every day is an opportunity to thrive. Every day is an opportunity to succeed. Every day is a gift; an absolute and total gift. Why is it that we tend to forget how valuable that is? Why is it we become so complacent…and sometimes even negative…as we face … Continue reading Today is a gift.

Tell someone ‘Thank you’ today.

Give people recognition. Uplift, encourage and praise people. Do you realize how much just a few words of encouragement can change a persons entire day? How often do we hear words of praise? Many of us work hard at helping others on a daily basis. So often, the jobs that people do, are jobs of … Continue reading Tell someone ‘Thank you’ today.


    Growth and development occur on two levels. We have voluntary growth through the willingness to better ourselves in education, health, jobs, faith, etc. Then, there is involuntary growth…the growth that comes from being forced into handling adversity or situations in life. At the time of the difficulties, it is hard to view anything … Continue reading Growth


Worry, worry, worry. It seems like our minds are constantly filled with questions and concerns about what will be…and how we can handle life. Worry is an awful thing. It creates problems on top of concerns…simply because we keep re-hashing issues in our mind…causing stress and physical illness due to the internalized worry. Worry is … Continue reading Worried?