Discipline. Many times when we hear this word we automatically associate it with punishment or dread, or something that is very difficult. Discipline is something that is good for us, and actually works in our favor. If we are willing to discipline ourselves or be disciplined by our situation, we are inevitably becoming a better … Continue reading Discipline

Look at how amazing YOU are!

Take a few moments to look in the mirror today. Spend some quiet time reflecting on what you see today. Do not look at the physical reflection…look deep into your own eyes…and notice how amazing you are. So often we get caught up in the daily rush…only looking at ourselves to see the physical reflection … Continue reading Look at how amazing YOU are!

God is with us.

“Will things ever get better? All I want is some calm and peace in my life.” Does this sound familiar? Life can be so difficult. There is no easy road, or detour through some of the challenges we must face. We often wonder what we did to deserve the things happening to us. Are we … Continue reading God is with us.