Growth and development occur on two levels. We have voluntary growth through the willingness to better ourselves in education, health, jobs, faith, etc. Then, there is involuntary growth…the growth that comes from being forced into handling adversity or situations in life. At the time of the difficulties, it is hard to view anything … Continue reading Growth

Hope for tomorrow.

Some days feel empty, lost and alone. It may not be a particular situation or difficulty that is causing these emotions, but they are real and we all have them. Often times we are told that focusing on our emotions and feelings is not healthy. But to ignore the true feelings that we have, would … Continue reading Hope for tomorrow.

Be the light.

Every day there is evidence of the evil and darkness that this world has allowed. We are faced with negativity…loss of morals…hatred…bitterness…and disrespect. The media plays on these elements of the world, and magnifies them like they are entertainment of some sort. Sadly, much of the world has come to accept the darkness as a … Continue reading Be the light.

We struggle.

What am I supposed to do? Which direction do I take? How do I know how? Where are the answers? God…I can’t hear you. Why aren’t you responding to my prayers? How many times in our lives, have we been there? It is difficult to admit we are in a dry place in our life. … Continue reading We struggle.

God speaks.

So often we get frustrated with life, and begin to ask God why He isn’t speaking to us. We hear other people talking about how God directed them…or spoke to them…and we wonder why that never seems to happen to us? The truth is…God is constantly directing us. He is communicating with us on a … Continue reading God speaks.

You can.

Have you been praying about something and it just seems like nothing is happening? Sometimes it might even seem like things have gotten more difficult instead of better? What is the specific details of your prayer? Think about what you are asking for. So often we get caught up in asking God for something…and expecting … Continue reading You can.