A grateful heart is a careful heart. Be careful that you do not grumble unnecessarily. Take notice of your actions…making sure they are sensitive to other’s around you. Recognize that everyone is different…and we all give and receive in different ways…and not everyone is on the same spiritual level as you are. In fact, sometimes … Continue reading Grateful


In a world filled with instant gratifications…we become accustomed to receiving what we want at almost any time we want it. So, when the things you have been praying about and waiting for…are not evolving like you want them to…it is easy to become discouraged. What we must keep in mind, is that the world … Continue reading Gratification


Silence can be very discouraging. When things seem to just stand still…nothing is changing in our life…and we keep hitting road blocks…we become frustrated and somewhat resentful. Typically this is when we try to manipulate things ourselves, doing all that we can to create change and take control of the situations. This can develop into … Continue reading Patience


Contentment. We have heard this word many times in our lives, but how often do we really comprehend the meaning? How content are you in your life? Think about how you perceive your daily routine. Do you wake up each morning thankful? Or, do you immediately begin grumbling within…about the job you have to get … Continue reading Contentment

You can.

Have you been praying about something and it just seems like nothing is happening? Sometimes it might even seem like things have gotten more difficult instead of better? What is the specific details of your prayer? Think about what you are asking for. So often we get caught up in asking God for something…and expecting … Continue reading You can.


Every one of us has some sort of struggle in our walk. None of us are without sin. Sometimes people try to pretend like they have no sin in their life…but we are human…and we absolutely cannot be perfect. The only perfect one is Jesus. We must be careful not to think too highly of … Continue reading Forgiven.