Tell someone ‘Thank you’ today.

Give people recognition. Uplift, encourage and praise people. Do you realize how much just a few words of encouragement can change a persons entire day? How often do we hear words of praise? Many of us work hard at helping others on a daily basis. So often, the jobs that people do, are jobs of … Continue reading Tell someone ‘Thank you’ today.

Less of me.

Can I have my cake and eat yours too? Can I do as I please, and always get my way? Can I be who I want to be, and then be who others want me to be too? Can I be in control, have self-will, make all my own decisions, and manipulate life until I … Continue reading Less of me.

A Fulfilling Humility.

Pride. A powerful word that can be very dangerous if we don’t recognize the control it can have over us. Pride can get in the way of so many areas of our lives. Pride can block our view of what we really need to do within ourselves. Such as, if we have been hurt, we … Continue reading A Fulfilling Humility.

Hope in Jesus.

  What would this world be like, if we saw everyone through the eyes of Jesus? This world would have peace, love, equality, compassion and hope. There would be no judgment…no disrespect…no criticism. Imagine that. Imagine how much joy we would see surrounding us, and especially imagine how much security and stability our children would … Continue reading Hope in Jesus.

Daily Intentions

I wake up every day with great intentions. I am a list maker. I must be very organized and scheduled in order to fit all my responsibilities into my days. Every day, I do my best to accomplish my goals. Every day I stumble; I fall; I falter; I am weak. I am human. We are all human. We wake … Continue reading Daily Intentions

You Can.

  As I spent this last week allowing my spirit to draw closer to God, and my heart to seek peace…this question kept coming to my mind. “What am I doing to make a difference?” In all the ‘busyness’ we create in our lives, are we being purposeful in helping this world? No matter how … Continue reading You Can.