No doubt.

Have you ever prayed to God…asking for His help or for an answer…but within minutes of your prayer…you have subconsciously doubted that what you just asked for could possibly come true? Most of us do this constantly, without even thinking about it. God’s Word says we must believe and not doubt. This is God’s command … Continue reading No doubt.

Light of Hope

Press on. Don’t give up. There is a light of hope ahead. We all have times in our lives when it seems like things are impossible. Sometimes we simply cannot see how the future will get better…and we are stuck in the pain of right now. When we find ourselves in the midst of these … Continue reading Light of Hope

The Unknown

What are you afraid of? Are you refraining from stepping forward…or stepping back…because the fear of the unknown is debilitating? Do you clearly know that a change needs to happen…but have no idea how to pursue that? Do you feel trapped…lost…or possibly hopeless? First and foremost…know that you can and will make it through this. … Continue reading The Unknown

You are worthy, valuable…forgiven.

Many times we get caught up in guilt and remorse from our past…and we let it sit on our shoulders. We may not even realize how much we are burdened down from our past…or how much we have let it identify our decisions…or our future. Everyone has done things in the past that they regret. … Continue reading You are worthy, valuable…forgiven.

Oh Father, how long?

Dig Deep. Trust you. Wait. Be still. Oh Father, how long? My flesh is weak. My Spirit is yearning to hear from you. I am under attack and I feel as if I’m failing you. I can’t find the words to pray anymore, because I feel so alone. Does this sound familiar? Many times this … Continue reading Oh Father, how long?


No pain, no gain. Ugh. Doesn’t that phrase make you want to roll your eyes? Seriously. When people make that statement, do they really know what they are talking about? Well, in all honesty, there is some positive truth to those four words. If you are doing an intense workout, there is a point in … Continue reading Pain…why?