You Can Fight Through the Difficulties.

Most of you know that I live in Oklahoma. We have been faced with major difficulties lately. Flooding, severe storms, and tornadoes have plagued us. Many people have had their entire lives turned upside down. Life is not easy. It is hard to find joy in the midst of difficulties and trials. The pain of … Continue reading You Can Fight Through the Difficulties.

God will never leave us.

So many people I know are going through very difficult things. They feel as if they are alone…and are struggling to press through. No matter how alone you might feel at times…God is always there. We have all been in the situation where we were in constant prayer about a specific matter, and felt like … Continue reading God will never leave us.

Never alone.

Every day each one of us struggle with something. Whether it be job schedules, weight issues, depression, relationships, addiction, financial problems, a loss of a loved one…anything…it is a struggle to face the reality of life sometimes. God did not design us to live life alone. So, why do we feel so alone in our … Continue reading Never alone.