Sharing Our Faith

How do we talk to others about God? How do we effectively share our faith, and encourage other people to draw nearer to God? There is a balance and an effectiveness that is very important. Many of us have experienced someone in our lives, that has made us feel uncomfortable when they spoke about what … Continue reading Sharing Our Faith

What in the world?

“What in the world?!” How many times have we heard this quote in our lifetime? It is a quote that expresses our reaction to a shock about something. Most of the time we don’t take it literally…we are simply voicing our emotions out loud. Each day we are faced with continuous ‘busy-ness’…and we balance and … Continue reading What in the world?


As humans, we are flesh of the earth. We are created and are unique individuals, unlike anything else…a one and only. Each one of us has something different about us. The human side of us compares and contrasts ourselves to other humans. We do this to find a measuring point; a standard in which to … Continue reading Feelings


We are all teachers. No matter your age, you are still able to teach. Wisdom through experiences, gives each one of us the knowledge to help others. Sharing what we know and what we have been through…helps others to know they are not alone. Being wise means you have learned from particular situations you have … Continue reading Wisdom

Control the tongue.

Gossip. The world loves to hear all about other people. The world enjoys sharing the ‘news’ of someone else’s hurt, pain, or difficulty. Gossip makes the devil smile. Why? Because gossip is not compassionate, loving, and helpful. Gossip is damaging, hurtful, and breeds negativity. If this negative gossip continues from person to person…it magnifies and … Continue reading Control the tongue.

Spiritual Battle

When you feel like life is simply not going your way…keep in mind, that this world as we see it, is not what we are battling. We battle a much bigger force, that we cannot physically see. We hear the quote “good versus evil” all our lives, but have you ever thought about how absolutely … Continue reading Spiritual Battle