One Another

Recently I have had several people ask me, “do you work?”. The first couple of times I was asked that question, it didn’t bother me much. However, the following times really stuck in my gut. How can anyone who knows me, not know that I work…multiple jobs? Actually, how can anyone that knows me, not … Continue reading One Another

The Unknown

Have you ever had an extreme enthusiasm or zeal in your heart for something…and you weren’t sure what to do with it? This enthusiasm has a purpose and a reason for action. There are times in our lives we are directed in ways that may not make sense to us. We simply know that we … Continue reading The Unknown

God will equip you.

Are you listening to God’s direction? How often do you have a certain desire in your heart…something you know is a direction in which God has clearly shown you? How often do you ignore that desire, that nudging? What causes us to push back, when God is pushing us forward? Why do we question, doubt, … Continue reading God will equip you.

Pray for one another.

How many times have you been in a place in life, where all you knew to do was pray? There are situations that we face, where there are no clear answers, and your future is uncertain. Faith is the only way to make it through these times. Prayer is the key to facing the unknown … Continue reading Pray for one another.