Be a witness.

Are you willing to be honest and open, exposing your life experiences, so that you may be a witness to someone else? Are you ready to admit your weaknesses and share your past mistakes? Opening yourself up to vulnerability is not easy. Most of the time we all wear our shields and masks on a … Continue reading Be a witness.

Shine brightly.

What you do speaks much louder than what you say. So often people will speak about their life…their faith…their commitments…but how many people truly do their best to apply what they say? A non-Christian may argue that Christians can be hypocrites…that what they see Christians do…is not what they say they are. None of us … Continue reading Shine brightly.


How often do we ignore the physical signs that God is giving us, to slow down? Many times we attempt to push through exhaustion by using the excuse that we don’t have time to slow down. We drink more coffee, get less sleep, and cram as much into our days as possible. I am the … Continue reading Rejuvenate


1 THESSALONIANS 5:16-18 Think about how your morning has gone so far. Did you wake up…stumble into the bathroom…begin your morning routine…find coffee, breakfast, turn on the news or radio…or even check your computer or cell phone? Analyze yourself…by thinking about what it is you do first thing every morning. Did you include a simple … Continue reading First.

I don’t want to…

What do you do when you just “don’t want to” anymore? I’m sure you understand that comment…because we have all been at that point. You may be there right now. There are different levels of this emotion, and some of us have the “I don’t want to’s” on a daily basis. This can simply be … Continue reading I don’t want to…