Hope in Jesus.

  What would this world be like, if we saw everyone through the eyes of Jesus? This world would have peace, love, equality, compassion and hope. There would be no judgment…no disrespect…no criticism. Imagine that. Imagine how much joy we would see surrounding us, and especially imagine how much security and stability our children would … Continue reading Hope in Jesus.

Overcoming Sadness

What does it mean to be sad? Does it mean we are weak? No. Does it mean our faith is not where it should be? No. Sadness is a human emotion that we all face at some point in our life. It is an emptiness that we need filled. Often times when we face times … Continue reading Overcoming Sadness

You Can.

  As I spent this last week allowing my spirit to draw closer to God, and my heart to seek peace…this question kept coming to my mind. “What am I doing to make a difference?” In all the ‘busyness’ we create in our lives, are we being purposeful in helping this world? No matter how … Continue reading You Can.


How often have you poured your heart into something and hoped it would generate a stirring in many hearts for Jesus? You have written messages, blogs, cooked foods, or created a tangible item in hopes that when you handed it over…it would mean as you intended it to. You prayed over these things, and prayed … Continue reading Vessels

One Another

Recently I have had several people ask me, “do you work?”. The first couple of times I was asked that question, it didn’t bother me much. However, the following times really stuck in my gut. How can anyone who knows me, not know that I work…multiple jobs? Actually, how can anyone that knows me, not … Continue reading One Another

We are all weak at times.

Why do I feel so empty? How can I gain a sense of hope? How can I obtain that sense of peace and that “light” that I can feel and see when I am around someone…who I know has the strength of the Lord within them? How do I get there? We have all felt … Continue reading We are all weak at times.