Worry, worry, worry. It seems like our minds are constantly filled with questions and concerns about what will be…and how we can handle life. Worry is an awful thing. It creates problems on top of concerns…simply because we keep re-hashing issues in our mind…causing stress and physical illness due to the internalized worry. Worry is … Continue reading Worried?

Time to ask.

How much of our lives do we attempt to control or change on our own? Why do we think we have the power to do it all by ourselves? God is our creator. God is the “I am”.  God gave us Jesus Christ as a direct link to Him. Jesus is our mediator, who opens … Continue reading Time to ask.

Don’t be afraid

Don’t be afraid to let go. All of us have something in our life that we know needs to change. Many times we hold onto things, situations, or even habits that we know are not healthy…simply because the thought of making a change creates discomfort in our minds. It is easy to become complacent in … Continue reading Don’t be afraid