Help one another.

As I sit at my computer, I can’t stop thinking of how often we simply take life for granted. We are all guilty of just moving through our day without noticing the gifts we are blessed with on a daily basis. Please recognize just how blessed you are to be able to be reading this … Continue reading Help one another.

Overcoming Sadness

What does it mean to be sad? Does it mean we are weak? No. Does it mean our faith is not where it should be? No. Sadness is a human emotion that we all face at some point in our life. It is an emptiness that we need filled. Often times when we face times … Continue reading Overcoming Sadness

The Peeled Banana

A banana spoke to my heart today. No, I’m not crazy. It was a powerful visual moment, that made me reflect. As I was preparing for breakfast this morning, I grabbed a banana to start with. I peeled back one layer of banana skin, and then decided to prepare some oatmeal. I placed the slightly … Continue reading The Peeled Banana


How often do we unplug from the world for a little bit? I am not talking about ignoring work and sitting in front of a television or computer. I am talking about unplugging from all the electronic distractions and influences that cause our minds to be on overload. It is not an easy thing to … Continue reading Rest

What can you change?

If there was anything in your life you could change right now…what would that be? So often…our human minds automatically think of things that we can physically see…such as our bank account…physical appearance…the home we live in…the cars we drive…or our job. Think much deeper than these things. What would you change…that could ultimately make … Continue reading What can you change?