Be the light.

Every day there is evidence of the evil and darkness that this world has allowed. We are faced with negativity…loss of morals…hatred…bitterness…and disrespect. The media plays on these elements of the world, and magnifies them like they are entertainment of some sort. Sadly, much of the world has come to accept the darkness as a … Continue reading Be the light.

We struggle.

What am I supposed to do? Which direction do I take? How do I know how? Where are the answers? God…I can’t hear you. Why aren’t you responding to my prayers? How many times in our lives, have we been there? It is difficult to admit we are in a dry place in our life. … Continue reading We struggle.

Don’t forget to ask.

How often do we catch ourselves speaking to others about our troubles? We become burdened with our difficulties, and we turn to others for support or encouragement. We need help. We need direction. We need to know we are not alone. It is nice to have people who you can turn to. It is vital … Continue reading Don’t forget to ask.


Do you realize just how much you are loved? You are loved unconditionally, eternally, and immeasurably! No matter how you “feel” in your darkest of times…you are abundantly loved! Take hold of this free gift you are given every second of every single day. Don’t let go of the reality…because the reality is…you cannot let … Continue reading Loved

Pray for one another.

How many times have you been in a place in life, where all you knew to do was pray? There are situations that we face, where there are no clear answers, and your future is uncertain. Faith is the only way to make it through these times. Prayer is the key to facing the unknown … Continue reading Pray for one another.

Do not lose heart.

Some days it is hard to wake up. It may not be because you are physically tired; you may simply be emotionally exhausted. Many times we are facing situations in our lives that we don’t know how to handle. We would rather stay in bed, call into work, or hide from the world…rather than face … Continue reading Do not lose heart.