Contentment. We have heard this word many times in our lives, but how often do we really comprehend the meaning? How content are you in your life? Think about how you perceive your daily routine. Do you wake up each morning thankful? Or, do you immediately begin grumbling within…about the job you have to get … Continue reading Contentment

You can.

Have you been praying about something and it just seems like nothing is happening? Sometimes it might even seem like things have gotten more difficult instead of better? What is the specific details of your prayer? Think about what you are asking for. So often we get caught up in asking God for something…and expecting … Continue reading You can.

Purposeful recognition.

  Beauty surrounds us in every way. Often times we don’t recognize how amazing and abundant our blessings are. We take things for granted, ignoring what is right in front of us. We forget how to see the beauty and the blessings, because we focus too much on the negatives. We wake up with our … Continue reading Purposeful recognition.

Building each other up.

In a world of increasing turbulence, it can be difficult to stay positive. We are surrounded by social media, which has become the new form of communication. Texting, email, twitter, and Face book have become normal uses of information between people. The personal, one-on-one interaction with people has become limited. This has created a void … Continue reading Building each other up.

Pray with honest surrender.

You never know. I can almost guarantee you have heard that phrase several times before. You never know what today will have in store. You never know what tomorrow holds. You never know how things will turn out. We are human, and we do not have that kind of control. Many times we pretend or … Continue reading Pray with honest surrender.


No pain, no gain. Ugh. Doesn’t that phrase make you want to roll your eyes? Seriously. When people make that statement, do they really know what they are talking about? Well, in all honesty, there is some positive truth to those four words. If you are doing an intense workout, there is a point in … Continue reading Pain…why?