Where would we be without God? Have you ever been so lost, so overwhelmed, or faced with something so extremely painful…that you turned away from God? You blame God for what has happened and grit your teeth every time His name is mentioned. As flesh on this earth, we deal with human earthly emotions. We … Continue reading Lost?

Don’t wait for the crisis.

  How do you react when things don’t go your way? What do you tend to do when you feel like you are under attack? Typically, most people surge with emotions when life becomes tough. Many times anxiety, worry, stress, tension, and sleeplessness are symptoms of these emotions. Why do we do this? Have we … Continue reading Don’t wait for the crisis.

One Another

Recently I have had several people ask me, “do you work?”. The first couple of times I was asked that question, it didn’t bother me much. However, the following times really stuck in my gut. How can anyone who knows me, not know that I work…multiple jobs? Actually, how can anyone that knows me, not … Continue reading One Another

We are all weak at times.

Why do I feel so empty? How can I gain a sense of hope? How can I obtain that sense of peace and that “light” that I can feel and see when I am around someone…who I know has the strength of the Lord within them? How do I get there? We have all felt … Continue reading We are all weak at times.

Hope for tomorrow.

Some days feel empty, lost and alone. It may not be a particular situation or difficulty that is causing these emotions, but they are real and we all have them. Often times we are told that focusing on our emotions and feelings is not healthy. But to ignore the true feelings that we have, would … Continue reading Hope for tomorrow.

You are loved.

There is absolutely nothing on this earth that can take away the love that God has for us. We are so blessed to be loved…unconditionally…and freely given. So often we lose touch with the reality that we could be loved in such a way. Many of us have never really grabbed hold of that concept…that … Continue reading You are loved.