We are all teachers. No matter your age, you are still able to teach. Wisdom through experiences, gives each one of us the knowledge to help others. Sharing what we know and what we have been through…helps others to know they are not alone. Being wise means you have learned from particular situations you have … Continue reading Wisdom

God is your loving parent.

Every. Single. Day. We have been given the opportunity to seek God in prayer; every single day. Why is that so hard for some people? Why do we tend to think that some of the issues we are facing are not important enough to seek God for help? Why do so many people think of … Continue reading God is your loving parent.

Your story matters.

Do not be afraid to speak up. Do you realize how much value is held in your experiences? There is someone out there who is struggling in their life. They feel isolated and many times they feel like they are the only one experiencing the difficulty they are going through. God has brought each one … Continue reading Your story matters.


Have you ever been asked simple questions…that feel very deep when you have to think about it? For instance…“what is your passion in life?” or “where do you wish to be in 5 or 10 years?…”what are your future goals?” or “what is your dream job?” These questions are simple when asked…but make us really … Continue reading Commitment

Ask for help.

Life is hard. No matter who you are, or where you are, there is difficulty at some point in life. Difficulties are part of our existence, and we cannot run away from them. No matter how hard we try, or how far we run…the problems do not simply go away. We all need help. So, … Continue reading Ask for help.

The Unknown

What are you afraid of? Are you refraining from stepping forward…or stepping back…because the fear of the unknown is debilitating? Do you clearly know that a change needs to happen…but have no idea how to pursue that? Do you feel trapped…lost…or possibly hopeless? First and foremost…know that you can and will make it through this. … Continue reading The Unknown