Seek & Pray

        Life consists of constant decisions to be made. Every day we must decide something…from as basic as what we will eat for lunch…all the way up to major life changing decisions. How do you base your decision making process? Do you mostly turn to other people for help? Do you tend … Continue reading Seek & Pray

Eternal focus.

  Why do things happen to me? Why am I going through this? What did I do wrong? This is the question that gets asked over and over in life. As Christians, there is a misconception that we are not supposed to face adversity…if we are ‘doing’ all the right things in life. The next … Continue reading Eternal focus.

Who is your GPS?

Be motivated today! How often have you heard that “cheerleader-like” statement in a sermon…workshop…or classroom? At the time…you may have been pumped up with adrenaline to get out and conquer the world! You may have felt “on fire” for the Lord…and want to run out a tell everyone of Jesus’ saving Grace! It is an … Continue reading Who is your GPS?

The Unknown

Have you ever had an extreme enthusiasm or zeal in your heart for something…and you weren’t sure what to do with it? This enthusiasm has a purpose and a reason for action. There are times in our lives we are directed in ways that may not make sense to us. We simply know that we … Continue reading The Unknown


Life is a battleground. We face challenges and struggles every single day. Sometimes the struggles are small, and sometimes it seems like we are facing huge mountains of issues. Keep in mind that you have the power to overcome anything and everything that you face. Our battle is not really what we physically see. Our … Continue reading Battleground