Prepare the Day.

Recently I have been asked, “Why don’t you prepare a week’s worth of your daily ‘Layla’s Light’ in advance, and take advantage of the programs that automatically generate the message at a designated time daily?”. I am in awe at this question. To me, that is like saying, “Why don’t you stop praying, surrendering and … Continue reading Prepare the Day.


We are all different. You and I are not alike. We have been created by our Heavenly Father, with specific and unique qualities of our own. We have our own set of fingerprints, specific in identifying us. We have our own unique mind, body and heart. Each one of us has our own ability to … Continue reading Reflection


Have you ever been asked simple questions…that feel very deep when you have to think about it? For instance…“what is your passion in life?” or “where do you wish to be in 5 or 10 years?…”what are your future goals?” or “what is your dream job?” These questions are simple when asked…but make us really … Continue reading Commitment

Filled With Hope

There is an emptiness we go through at certain times in our lives. We may be struggling with a particular situation, and the answers to the solution are nowhere to be seen. We may have experienced a deep loss of a loved one or friend, and we are having a hard time processing the reality … Continue reading Filled With Hope

Why are things happening to me?

Do you ever feel like life is getting harder to face? Are you pressing through days where you face difficulty after difficulty? Does it seem like there are more obstacles to overcome than ever before? This is not a new subject. Often times our human nature tends to question God at these times. We wonder why … Continue reading Why are things happening to me?