Hope in Jesus.

  What would this world be like, if we saw everyone through the eyes of Jesus? This world would have peace, love, equality, compassion and hope. There would be no judgment…no disrespect…no criticism. Imagine that. Imagine how much joy we would see surrounding us, and especially imagine how much security and stability our children would … Continue reading Hope in Jesus.

Cherish our children.

Children are so wonderful to spend time with. They have such joy…simplistic thoughts…and innocence. Be sure to cherish the children and make time to just sit down and share special moments with them. This world has become so scheduled and rushed, that many times we don’t realize the sacrifices we are making. There is nothing … Continue reading Cherish our children.

I need…I want.

What do we really need in our lives? How often do we catch ourselves saying “I need” this or that? There are very few “needs” we must have in order to have a very happy, peaceful, and successful life. We “need” God, food, water, shelter, clothing, family, and a job or responsibility to work toward. … Continue reading I need…I want.

Children are our future.

Our children are our future. They are precious and innocent young minds…that absorb everything they are surrounded with. They thrive on security…structure…encouragement…and mostly our love. Sometimes the smallest of our actions, can be the biggest impact on their lives. Our lives can get so busy that we can easily become distracted from focusing on follow-through … Continue reading Children are our future.