Simplifying life. Doesn’t that sound wonderful? Remember the days when life was less ‘filled’? My 11 year old daughter made this statement the other day. “I kind of wish life was more like it was back in the ‘Andy Griffith’ days – the 1960’s. Things were much simpler then. There wasn’t so much pressure and … Continue reading Example

Sharing Our Faith

How do we talk to others about God? How do we effectively share our faith, and encourage other people to draw nearer to God? There is a balance and an effectiveness that is very important. Many of us have experienced someone in our lives, that has made us feel uncomfortable when they spoke about what … Continue reading Sharing Our Faith


It only takes one person to make a difference. You may not recognize how valuable you are, but you hold an enormous amount of value. You have an influence on someone…even if you think you are totally alone. So, as you recognize your worth and begin to understand how special you are…your light will begin … Continue reading Shine

Held in the heart.

What do you have held deep within your heart? Have you made a point to focus on building a positive, kind, loving, and helpful spirit? This world is challenging…and we are faced with difficulties that can stir up many emotions. It is normal to have feelings about certain things that we face. The important thing … Continue reading Held in the heart.

Shine brightly.

What you do speaks much louder than what you say. So often people will speak about their life…their faith…their commitments…but how many people truly do their best to apply what they say? A non-Christian may argue that Christians can be hypocrites…that what they see Christians do…is not what they say they are. None of us … Continue reading Shine brightly.