What a difference “thank you” can make.

“Thank you. Great job. I appreciate you. You are making a difference.” Do you realize how much just a few words of encouragement can change a person’s entire day? How often do we hear words of praise? Many of us work hard at helping others on a daily basis. So often, the jobs that people do, are … Continue reading What a difference “thank you” can make.

Ask for help.

Life is hard. No matter who you are, or where you are, there is difficulty at some point in life. Difficulties are part of our existence, and we cannot run away from them. No matter how hard we try, or how far we run…the problems do not simply go away. We all need help. So, … Continue reading Ask for help.

Look for the joy.

There is joy in everything. Even when we feel like there is nothing but heartache engulfing us…there is joy if you look for it. Our perspective and the way we gear our minds as we press through life…can help our emotional response. We will face things that seem unbearable and impossible to press through. If … Continue reading Look for the joy.

Focus on the blessings.

Have you ever become so accustomed to something, that you did not realize it’s importance in your life…until it was gone? This can be a raw reality for all of us. At some point in your life you have floated along, assuming things would always be as they are. People, jobs, finances, health, or daily … Continue reading Focus on the blessings.

The Bible.

There is such power in the Word of God. We have all the wisdom we will ever need…to face anything that this world throws at us. As we hold our Bible in our hand…recognize just how amazing it is. God gave us His Words…as a guide to live by. Unfortunately, the truth is, most people … Continue reading The Bible.