What makes them so happy?

Do you ever look at other people and think “what makes them so happy?”. Do you ever feel so discouraged that you feel as if you just want to give up? Maybe you aren’t recognized for the job that you work so hard to perform…or maybe you feel as if your hard work and effort … Continue reading What makes them so happy?

Help one another.

As I sit at my computer, I can’t stop thinking of how often we simply take life for granted. We are all guilty of just moving through our day without noticing the gifts we are blessed with on a daily basis. Please recognize just how blessed you are to be able to be reading this … Continue reading Help one another.

Don’t wait for the crisis.

  How do you react when things don’t go your way? What do you tend to do when you feel like you are under attack? Typically, most people surge with emotions when life becomes tough. Many times anxiety, worry, stress, tension, and sleeplessness are symptoms of these emotions. Why do we do this? Have we … Continue reading Don’t wait for the crisis.

Daily Intentions

I wake up every day with great intentions. I am a list maker. I must be very organized and scheduled in order to fit all my responsibilities into my days. Every day, I do my best to accomplish my goals. Every day I stumble; I fall; I falter; I am weak. I am human. We are all human. We wake … Continue reading Daily Intentions

You Can.

  As I spent this last week allowing my spirit to draw closer to God, and my heart to seek peace…this question kept coming to my mind. “What am I doing to make a difference?” In all the ‘busyness’ we create in our lives, are we being purposeful in helping this world? No matter how … Continue reading You Can.


How often have you poured your heart into something and hoped it would generate a stirring in many hearts for Jesus? You have written messages, blogs, cooked foods, or created a tangible item in hopes that when you handed it over…it would mean as you intended it to. You prayed over these things, and prayed … Continue reading Vessels